Staffing Companies Are Increasing Physician Salaries

With the increasing demand for physicians within rural areas, staffing companies are increasing physician salaries in order to strengthen workforce. They are actually the offering highest signing bonuses as well as above average salaries to help rural hospitals obtain professional practitioners to support their medical needs. Family practice and internal medicine physicians with main objective of paying down medical school debts in fact aim to work in rural healthcare institutions due to high paying offers.

The salary offered in rural communities is $256, 667 per year. This is why internal medicine practitioners take advantage of higher physician salaries that suffice their monthly obligations including mortgage payments. The figures are based on the advance copy provided by the latest report from The Medicus Firm. On the other hand, family practice doctors working in rural communities are earning a median wage of $227, 261 based on a new report that aims to provide in-depth research about the primary care professionals’ salaries.

Additional Findings regarding Physician Salaries in the US

Physician assistants and primary care doctors are taking advantage of the increasing pay rates within certain regions in the United States. For instance, the signing bonuses offered within rural areas relatively offers higher rates compared to urban communities. The regular signing bonus in rural areas for internal medicine and family practice physicians is $22,846, this is approximately $5,700 higher compared to the signing bonus offered to primary care professionals within urban parts.

Physicians who are practicing within mid-size areas receive $6,000 bonuses which is roughly $6,000 less compared to coworkers practicing within rural communities. Geographic region definitely matters in terms of physician salaries so make sure that you are working in the right location wherein you are paid enough. You may consider applying for jobs provided in Southern or Southwestern part because you are sure to receive an income of $227,050. Also, you can work in the states located in Upper Midwest and central US.

More Figures and Signing Bonus Rates within Specific Rural Areas

For primary care professionals within the Carolina region receive the lowest wages of $192,300. Hence, staffing companies are increasing physician salaries due to the increase in physician assistant demands. In 2015, physician assistant posts increased in demand as it placed 4th on the most demanded clinician in the country. Workers receive a media income of $112, 680 however signing bonuses only offered $7,500 in year 2014 unlike the $6,250 in last year. Still, 43% of the doctor assistant that staffing companies placed in jobs received signing bonus ranging between $5,000 and $10,000.

Before you finally decide where to work as a qualified physician, be sure to know the current trends when it comes to physician salaries. For instance, emergency medicine job vacancies offer higher rates with the increasing demands in hospitals for ER workforce. If you’re interested in getting a job, you can work with an expert staffing firm for physicians in your area to secure landing a job. You can also try our services by contacting us today for free quotes!