How Much Does a Radiologist Make?

Thinking about becoming a Radiologist and asking yourself “How much does a Radiologist make per year?”

How much does a radiologist make per year?  We’ll tackle about this on the next paragraphs but first, let us understand the roles of a radiologist.  This specialist makes diagnosis through the use of imaging studies. Hence, the studies usually include x-rays, angiograms, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, mammograms, sonography, CT or computed tomography scan, and nuclear medicine scan.  Radiologists should acquire the skills needed to identify abnormalities like tumors, broken bones and other injuries.  Then their patients will know their current medical condition. With the complicated work involved in radiology, income is relatively higher compared to other medical professions in the field of medicine.

According to a 2012 survey where Radiologists were asked the question, “How much does a Radiologist Make per year?”, researchers found out that the average yearly salary of radiologists is $315,000. However, confirmed that the median wage is almost $379,323. There is clearly a difference between the salaries of specialists compared to generalists.   Radiologist’s salary normally depends on the specific job roles as well. For instance, if you are currently working as physician and radiologist, your income will be depending on the size of the organization or company you are in as well as the programs you have completed, experience, and location of your workplace.

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Determining the Exact Salary of Radiologists

Based on the 2013 compilation report, the conclusion indicated that radiologists working in the southwestern region receive the highest pay with an average wage of $407,000. So basically, your compensation will depend on the location you are in right now when it comes to salary rate. On November 2015, the reported data of HR represented that the average income of physician-radiologist falls in $373,574. However, the medial income typically ranges from $324,278 to $433,171.

After knowing the exact figures of how much a radiologist makes every year, we will also be discussing about the job roles of this profession. But always bear in mind that radiologists make depending on the certain factors involved in their job. As mentioned earlier, specialists train on interpreting the medical images of the patients. Hence, radiologists are approximately 1.2 percent of the physicians obtaining medical histories, examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, and administering treatment for patients.

Answers to “How much does a radiologist make per year?” from the following sources:

     Radiologists answered $315,000 answered $379,323
     HR reported $373,574
     Southwest Region reported $324,278 to $433,171


What Do Radiologists Perform to Earn this Much?

These specialists actually monitor medical images that are related to patients’ findings through a conducted examination. They also work with referring physicians in order to tackle findings. In addition, radiologists also work in treating diseases through radiation or what we call radiation oncology and nuclear medicine. They also use image-guided surgery to make the job much easier when it comes to identifying health problems just by looking at the image.

It’s important to acquire the necessary qualities and skills to accurately determine the results after the examination. Also note that, the current competition for the radiology position is relatively stiff so make sure to have the requirements completed before you submit your application form. With excellent background and certifications, the radiology field offers high paying job.  Apply now.  Rest assured that you will obtain the position you are applying for and get a high paying radiology job.