Physician Salary Increases with Placement Firm

If you simply want to secure high paying salary as a physician, you can achieve it through the help of a reliable placement firm available in your local area. In fact, the increasing demands for physician sparked the increasing physician salary rates that medical professionals are now taking advantage of. For instance, the emergency departments in the United States keep on experiencing remarkable influx of patients which significantly stretches the placing demands and capacity of ER physicians.

Management changes also affect emergency medicine vacancies which causes many hospitals and clinics to use an alternative such as the emergency locum tenens in order to fill up job vacancies in both rural and urban areas within the country. The services offered by certified physicians in fact serve as one of the most important and fastest growing medical specialties when it comes to locums jobs.  However, placement firms are now turning to locum tenens just to fill up ER physician jobs needed in specific areas.

Current Trends in ER Physician Salary

In 2014, full time ER physicians receive $272,000 average annual pay according to Medscape Emergency Medicine Physician Compensation Report. This only shows a meek increase of about 1% from 2012 while self-employed physicians are substantially earning $305,000 every year unlike the $248,000 for the employed emergency physicians. The highest physician salaries are given to those who are working in Southeast and South Central regions ranging from $295,000 to $293,000. On the other hand, the lowest physician salary is given to ER physicians within the Northeastern areas with $248,000 per year.

There is also an increasing demand for advanced practitioners making the salaries higher in the present times. Even though over 10million people obtained health insurance with the support of Affordable Care Act, many still seek care from ER departments available in their local communities. In fact, many patients are experiencing difficulty in penetrating office-based physician that can provide timely services they exactly need. ER departments are open 24/7 but diagnostics are performed depending on the availability of the physicians so treatment plans and diagnosis need to wait sometimes.

Why Choose a Reputable Placement Firm

With an excellent placement firm, qualified physicians are sure to enjoy higher salaries in specific locations around the US. Physician assistant demands are also high while nurse practitioners benefit from the current demands being experienced by the medical industry in the country today. This is to fast-track the medical services offered in various communities while providing them quick access to treatment plans. Also, with the aging population in America, more physicians are needed so physician salary is significantly increased just to fill up vacant positions.

Older adults need more healthcare services and attention unlike the younger ones. Usually, they need emergency services to help them obtain appropriate medicine and treatment methods. If there will be enough physicians in a hospital, wait times will be reduced to ensure that patients are receiving quality services that they truly deserve. Now, if you are interested in getting yourself a job in this field, it will be necessary to work with a placement firm to get the best physician salary that you want.